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This cute dog was Ann's real dog. Shira is named Sheera in Summer of Changes and Summer of Adventures because Ann was worried that readers might not pronounce Shira's name right (because it sounds like Sheera).

The following are some pictures of Shira when she was the age described in the books Summer of Changes and Summer of Adventures.

The reason Shira loved to come along for presentations at schools wasn't just because she knew she would get biscuits, but because she knew she was the centre of attention and she loved to show off.

Here she was giving Ann a hug, so she could get her biscuit,

and she was performing for the kids at schools, 

and whispering in Ann's ear.

At home Shira had her own cat, Miepke. She would let Miepke hug her and even wash her face from time to time.

 Shira thought she was the best helper when the snow came in the Kootenays.
Her favorite activity in the winter was cross-country skiing.


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