Ann is a motivational presenter for adults and children alike. Her years of experience as a teacher and a member of Toast Masters, her travels around the world, and her natural "gift of the gab" make her a favorite presenter with young and old. Her enthusiasm for books and story telling and gardening is infectious.

Ann's presentations can usually include some of the following:

  • The kids in the gardening book and the project
  • A discussion about life as an author
  • A discussion about life as a gardener
  • Where ideas come from
  • The creative processes of writing and gardening
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Show and tell items
  • Short readings from her latest books
  • Questions and answers

Style of the Presentation:

  • Duration of the talk: about one hour
  • Size: Any number up to 100 (flexible only if discussed ahead of time)
  • Can do two talks a day (can be flexible about doing three if discussed ahead of time)
  • Ann uses a sliding scale of $50.00 to $200.00 per presentation.  For exact fee enquiry, go to "Contact" and select "Author's Presentations."
  • Package deals are available for groups or isolated areas out in the country


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Comments from adults:  

"Superb. One of the best ever." Tony Miller, teacher.

"Thank you for your inspiring presentation. I'm sure the children enjoyed it as much as I did." Helen Graham, librarian.

"...wonderful presentation. We still chuckle sometimes over your stories. The kids can't stop talking about your visit, especially the hippo at your tent." Barbara Stephenson, teacher.

"About Kids Who Grow Their Own Food — LOVE IT!! ...its a real inspiration!" Cathy Ross, retired educator.


Comments from students:

"We really enjoyed the visit and your stories. We also all enjoyed how well you read to us." Xin, Grade 4.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation." Robert, Grade 6.

"I've never heard a book with such a touching ending. I'm glad you explained where you got the idea. It helps me with my projects." Caitlin, Grade 6.

"BRAVE DEEDS is my most favorite book--ever!" John, Grade 6.

"I loved the gardening projects. We have a garden at our school." Dave, Grade 3.


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